At Menade we’re constantly, curiously, restlessly re-examining the past and the old ways of doing things – convinced that we have much to learn from those who made splendid things on the basis of their natural environment and what would be regarded today as zero technology. By the same token, many traditional and invariably long lost vineyard practices and vinification methods are just as valid now as they were once upon a time – albeit sometimes with the odd tweak or two…


Our two most recent releases – made in small volumes and along respectful, painstaking lines that hark back to the past – are therefore both a homage to and resuscitation of those golden hued traditional oxidative styles produced with such patience in the Rueda region.


Solera wine


Adorado, on the basis of this first saca, is only available in Magnums; and, made from a blend of Verdejo and Palomino, from a ‘mother’ solera that dates back to 1967.


Each year, following light fortification, the wine develops a natural flor, usually around springtime, and, once this has dissipated, the ageing /oxidative/criadera process resumes as it passes each year in the cool cellars of our old underground bodega in La Seca through a series of scales, slowly oxidizing and thereby growing in colour and flavour in the intervening butts.


Popularly called rancio, therefore, this is the wine of our grandfather and all who have followed in his footsteps.


Sobrenatural – on the other hand – is altogether finer, more subtle and ethereal: a white wine made from our Verdeja which, sulphur free, we nurse for some three years, with controlled oxidative ageing in used oak barriques and vats for 35 to 40 months, and then rest for 10 to 12 months in bottle so that it can settle down, find itself, and face the light of day.