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who we are

Marco Sanz  – Viticulture & Enologist

The eldest of the three siblings, an accomplished perfectionist of the vineyards. Taught in the countryside by listening and learning from his elders. Marco knows a great deal and nearly everything there is to know about the viticulture, which is a true passion of his. He manages all of Menade’s vineyards, his latest achievement has been the great conversion to organic.



Richard Sanz – Wine Maker & Manager

The second oldest, Richard the wine maker is the soul of the wines of this winery. Well trained and prepared in Spain, France, Hungary and Chile, among others, he has an air of genius about him, always developing and devising new vinifications. He truly believes, quite strongly, in the potential of autochtonous varieties, and works at incorporating their maximum expression in his wines.



Alejandra Sanz – Export & Communication

Having graduated in journalism, Alejandra decided to dedicate herself to the export and communication of the winery, she has always shown attention to detail in the wine and travels. Today she continues to expand her studies in wine whilst travelling regularly, taking part and representing the winery in all manner of events, fairs, and tastings around the world.