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Menade Social Calendar this Summer: World Tour

While the summer normally means a welcome break from promotional activity, not least in Spain, we’re delighted that momentum internationally continues non-stop and – as below – we’ll be presenting our wines in Switzerland, Singapore, Australia and the U.S.

Menade will nonetheless meantime be open to receive anyone interested in visiting us and trying our wines –  though we urge our potential guests to book in advance by e-mailing us at comunicació

Meantime, we’ll be in Switzerland in late July to enthuse re Menade Verdejo, Nosso, and La Misión on behalf of Vintra; and as part of the programme we’ll be hosting a food partnering dinner at the Ustria Startgels restaurant in Films

Next, in August we’ll be straight over to Singapore, a market that’s seriously taken with our wines and whose cuisine is to die for.

It’s then smartly over to Australia to work with various different distributors; to wind up the late summer, for the last couple of weeks of September, on an extensive tour of our increasingly faithful and blossoming US market.

Our venues will include Miami, New York, Dallas, Austin and Denver.