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The cycle of Life

Having, in the interests of biodiversity, established our insect hotels, adopted the rhythm of applying treatments based on aromatic plants and flowers, installed a sizeable pond and – with our mobile tree project in full flow and teaching us ever more about the eco system –  we are delighted to tell you that animal life has now arrived at Menade.

Yes indeed, in a similar vein to our many insects, only bigger: hens, geese, and donkeys… Menade is now buzzing with life, as we decided that it was appropriate to complement our environment by re introducing what man had displaced.

Two of our newest residents are a charming long haired couple from Zamora: Zamo and Rana, a rare breed of donkey in danger of extinction. Friendly and sociable, not only do they unfailingly express gentle interest in our many visitors and make everyone feel happy but are so at ease with their new surroundings that Rana is already pregnant! Our insects like them too and their organic droppings are an excellent natural fertilizer.

Zamo and Rana are closely and constantly accompanied and observed by a clutch of busy, clucking hens who also keep a noisy and beady eye on absolutely everyone who comes and goes and seem to be in perpetual motion; and on a practical level they reluctantly provide us with the most fantastic fresh eggs.

The Menade Farm  – we shall tell you about our geese next time  – is therefore already on the way to becoming a pleasing natural habitat for both fauna and flora to co-exist and flourish harmoniously and it goes without saying that we are already considering further and diverse additional residents.

Life abounds.