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Important sales force presence in Spain, Poland and Asia

During the last trimestre of the year, we will be presenting our wines at different international wine fairs and events organised by distributors. These events are aimed at promoting wines amongst the on-trade public.

Here in Spain on 7th October at 9.30pm, we will take part in the 4th Cena Furtiva de Sibaritas Klub (Furtive Foodie Club Dinner). Chef Peña opened his gastronomic space in the Valladolid Science Museum a few years ago. The different courses will be prepared by the Valladolid-based chef with Honorato Espinar as guest, Iberostar’s logistics manager and also ex-participant of the television programme, Top Chef.

On 7th November we will be in Seville to present our wines together with our distributor, Flores e Hijos to on-trade professionals. On 10th, we will take part in an event in Asturias together with Distribuciones Gayol.

On 14th November, we will be in the Palacio de Figueroa in Salamanca, serving our wines thanks to an event organised by Vendimia Tardía and on the same day, we will be at Palacio Euskalduna in Bilbao with Ardoak distribuciones.

In terms of promotional events outside of Spain, in September, our sales force will be in the UK, The Netherlands and Poland. On 27th September we have been invited to take part in the 12th Warsaw Wine Fair event. This fair will also be where Mª Antonia Fernández Daza will be offering a special wine tasting, which will include our Menade Verdejo wine.

During the month of November, we will be working in the Asian market, taking part in different fairs. From 9th to 12th November we will be at the Hong Kong International Wine & Spirits Fair 2016, with our wines at stand 3D-A10 in the Icex hall. On 22nd November, we will be taking part in the Spanish Wine Exhibition in Taiwan and on 24th November, the Spanish Wine Exhibition will take us to South Korea.